America’s Blinders

There are some among our people, who still cannot establish a correlation between their behavior and the actions of others. I believe this to be a critical aspect of social intelligence, which often emerges in newborns within moments. If thy cry, they will be fed. Later, when they misbehave, they meet retribution. This is straightforward, and yet this knowledge is missing from American politics.

To demonstrate my point, look at the Democratic shock to rise of populism. Some of them assert that the tables turned overnight, and the election was completely unforeseen. Of course, this is ludicrous. While major political and regime changes happen almost instantly, social change happens gradually, over a period of months or years. It only seems a shock to them, because they holed up in their secret places, cocooned themselves in their urban conclaves, and refused to listen to any dissenters.

Then they began a mass propaganda campaign, peddling their wares to any passersby, many of whom weren’t interested. But rather than do as a normal salesman would, and improve their goods, they shoved their rotten fruit down the throats of the masses. They patted each other on their backs, because any fruit, force fed or taken willingly, must be edible. Clearly, their product worked.

But through their actions they rippled the pool, creating waves of dissent. But because their creed doesn’t recognize contrary beliefs, they couldn’t hear the waves breaking upon the shore. No, despite all their elitism and self-reputed intellectual alms, they somehow forgot to read Sir Isaac Newton’s Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. They fail to realize the laws that govern physics also govern people, such as Newton’s most famous;

In that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. – Newton’s Third Law

I’ve vocalized this sentiment for years, shouting that our left had gone radical, warning that their rhetoric would give rise to an extremist opposition. But few conservatives wished to speak of it, and not a single enlightened progressive would take a moment to listen.

Now, when it is too late, the liberals scream about right-wing populism, that it’s a threat to the nation. But the final hour has struck, the day has passed. Now the torches are lit, the ovens of the kitchen are stoked. Yes, the leftists are right about the threat, for once. But sadly, for them, populism is the cook they invited to the galley. Any validity to their arguments will be tossed away by the enemy they created, their screams futile, like that of a lobster in boiling water.


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